$20,000 later: Are we, not I, in a better position?

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This program was supposed to be an incentive to keep educated graduates in the province by providing them with tax credits of up to $4,000 a year until they reach $20,000. That is, once they make a large enough salary that would warrant such credit. Now, the question is, was this program effective and has the Liberal government “screwed” millennials? Or, was this a responsible decision to move the province forward?

After reading various arguments, one could say that this decision is for the betterment of the province as this program showed little signs of success. Moreover, this program was designed to assist those in need; however, its strategy was reactive rather than proactive.

If removing a tax credit program that hinders our future means that recent graduates are now going to look immediately outside of the province for work, there must be another way to attract young talent to come and stay in our province after graduation.

To move this province forward, we need to work together and make sacrifices today. Being a recent graduate with $40,000 of student loan debt and making the decision to continue my post-secondary education, I would rather see this province move towards helping those who really need it instead of those who are making above average incomes in comparison to other N.B. residents.

It seems to me that the issue at hand is not whether new graduates will receive a tax rebate or not, but that new grads are concerned about the opportunity to “make ends meet” or begin building a financially secure future in New Brunswick while doing work they love. If we can take a failing initiative and reinvest these funds into providing these opportunities, won’t we all win?

What are your reasons for staying? Are you here because in a few years you’ll be making $40,000 (+) a year and will receive a few extra thousand dollars? Or, do you stay in the province because of another reason? Tweet us your response using the hashtag #theMillennialDream