A Party With a Purpose

I look back at the formation of my film production company Hemmings House and I have to chuckle at how the name came to be. It was the turn of the century (circa 2002) and I bought my first house on a wooded road on the outskirts of Saint John, New Brunswick in Canada called the Acamac Backland Road. Just past my house the pavement ends and it turns into a dirt path that can only be accessed with ATVs. Suffice it to say it was the perfect place to throw great parties.

The few neighbours I did have on the Acamac would come up on a weekly basis when my bachelor house mates and I would throw epic parties complete with DJs, bands, Hula Hoops and a hammock village! This was the same time that my best friend, house mate and business partner at the time Andrew Tidby and I were working on our first TV series. We would work our tails off weekly late into the evening every day until the weekend to deliver this series that would air on Travel + Escape and Discovery Channel. With hard work comes hard play, and “The Acamac” ended up becoming the go to place to end up after the bands had to shut down at the pubs in the city. We would often times have live bands playing as dawn crept over the horizon. The taxi cab drivers that would bring people from the city to our place got to know us very well, when someone would get into the cab and ask to go to The Acamac Backland Road, many times the response would be “oh, you are heading to the Hemmings House?”. The name stuck so naturally I incorporated my company as Hemmings House Pictures.

I built the company with the same spirit of a house party; getting great people together to create impact experiences. The party life of Hemmings House a decade later has matured considerably but creative celebration is still in our DNA. This month is no exception. After building a successful company in Atlantic Canada for over ten years we have been able to evolve to a point where we can use our skill for filmed story telling to truly make a positive impact in our community and in the world. To solidify our commitment to this we recently became a certified B Corporation. If you are unfamiliar with B Corps check it out at www.bcorpation.net.

Of course to celebrate this moment we had to throw down an old school Hemmmings House House Party, and that we did. We had live bands play, we had multiple kegs of B-Corp beer (Picaroons), and a few hundred change makers from my city who were there to celebrate our commitment to positive social change with us. There is a lot of weight in the name heritage of a company and I am happy to note that we are still true to our roots.

Becoming a B-corp makes me think how more businesses needs to embrace this “Millennial Dream”, the dream that we can solve our communities most challenging problems with healthy businesses. The B Corp movement helps legitimize companies who are working hard to make positive social and environmental impacts, which is a central value at the core of the Millennial Dream world view.

So allow me to raise a glass to toast all the change maker companies who have committed themselves to “B The Change” they want to see in the world, and to all the path people in the House! Cheers.