About FYA.tv

Life is way too short for the dinosaur film & TV machine to fill us with non-nutritious, bland content that doesn’t make us better, healthier people. The status quo doesn’t make us think, nor does it drive us to action.

It’s pretty hard to make positive impact in the world when your fuel is fast food causing reflux, slowing you down, and turning your brain off. If you can consume content that is thought provoking, inspiring, cerebral, AND entertaining, then wouldn’t that help us become healthier people equipped to make positive action?

FYA.tv makes us think differently about our media consumption diet.

FYA.tv is the content channel that is powered by movement-based brands, community influencers, film producers and positive social change-makers who all share common sets of values and are all trying to create a happy and kind world.

FYA.tv helps people tell stories that inspire positive community action. What is positive community action? It’s anything that lifts vulnerable people up, and adds to the collective well being of society