How The ‘Sandbox’ Has Led To Restored Water in India

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While exploring what is at the core of the Millennial Dream, we had a chance to meet some farmers in Hubli, India who have been positively impacted by a group that is passionately supporting locals into becoming entrepreneurs. The Deshpande Foundation has created an ecosystem, or a sandbox that empowers citizens to create abundant lives by providing education, mentorship, micro financing and other support systems.

One of the key success stories that have emerged from the Hubli Sandbox is the explosion of Social Entrepreneurship ventures. These are small businesses that are helping people make profit by solving social issues, this is a core value of the new economy and of the Millennial Dream.

We had the chance to meet a few farmers who have gone from a position of struggle to a position of abundance in a very short time because of the encouragement of innovative thinking. The water table in this part of the country is pretty much all dried up. So many bore wells were drilled over the years that the earth just doesn’t keep water. This poses a major problem to farmers, as they have only been able to grow during the rainy season. But things are changing, as people are able being encouraged to think creatively, new innovative solutions are being presented that is helping farmers become entrepreneurs by aiding other farmers with their water issues. 

Our group from the Pond-Deshpande Centre met a few of these farmers and social entrepreneur Ganapathi Bhat to learn how they are reclaiming old bore wells, and digging huge water tanks over natural springs helped them create new water storage methods that are completely transforming how farmers produce.

I learned from these farmers and entrepreneurs that it is critical to empower people to think in innovative ways and encourage people to think creatively to solve problems. If we can teach, mentor and encourage people to think this way, amazing solutions can appear, and that is what the Deshpande sandbox is doing in Hubli. Building sandbox ecosystems in communities is critical to creating a sustainable Millennial Dream community.

It is our duty as positive social impact champions to make our neighbourhoods, communities, cities, countries and world stronger, healthier, happier and kinder. The foundation of this impact is in connecting strong community networks, the sandbox ecosystem is a tested and true method of creating the environment for positive and productive change.

As you watch this video blog, think about what ecosystems already exist in your community? How can you plug in and help strengthen the network?