Let Us Practice The Trade

Education is supposed to be that thing which makes you better for the job than the other person standing beside you, or the thing that gives you the skills to create work, but now experience is what distinguishes you, education seems to just be another hoop to jump through.

The majority of students leave high-school and go right into university because it is a hurdle that needs to be passed before they can get on with their life. Some will stay in school for over six years, some will take a year off, some might decide that school isn’t for them and leave.

the Millennia lDream CC Bored of EducationCreative Commons image by Flickr user velkr0

What’s becoming clearer is that the goal of all this formal education (obtaining or creating a job right away which makes it all worth-while) isn’t something that realistically happens to all of us, even after years of hard work.

Students I know have a growing anxiety that builds each time they think about what they will do after school, because if they don’t already have planned work, there’s a good chance that they might not get a great job, or be able to find the help to create their own.

Some universities are getting this and have started to grow their internship programs, trying to encourage connection between the bright, young, graduating minds and the workforce, but we need more of this, and we need it sooner. Education should not be about memorizing a text book it should be about learning what is applicable to your future.

So please- Add more experiential learning. Help us build our knowledge with our own hands. Students enjoy it. Our communities appreciate it. Isn’t that a fit we’re working towards?

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