Code Kids

Code Kids documents a grass roots movement led by a handful of citizens in New Brunswick, Canada as they try to inspire students, educators, policy-makers and the general public to embrace technology in primary and middle schools. Best practices are shared from Estonia and Finland that would eventually lead to a shift in how kids are taught and inspired in New Brunswick. To support the feature documentary in this movement, this channel also includes conversations with some of the thought leaders in Estonia and Finland who have helped create a successful tech-based economy. See more!

Happy and Kind World

Welcome to the “Happy and Kind World” movement. This movement is powered by the filmmakers at Hemmings House who are always trying to produce content that inspires, educates and motivates. Hemmings House believes that the world would be a happier and kinder place if there was an increase in empathy. Positive stories that connect people to one an other is an incredibly powerful empathy-building tool. This channel will host a very wide variety of films and blogs that aim to lift us up. See more!

The Millennial Dream

The mission of The Millennial Dream movement is to explore how small cities and rural communities can reverse the “Brain Drain” of talented and passionate Millennials. Millennials are looking for careers where they can make positive impact locally and globally, using their careers to help solve some of the most challenging social and environmental issues that we face in our communities today. What if small and lean jurisdictions change their ‘profit-driven’ business ecosystem int a ‘purpose-driven’ one? Could this actually slow down or even end exodus of purpose-driven Millennials? See more!