The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Scouring the internet for the definition and key characteristics of an entrepreneur, one will discover that there is no precise definition that blankets all entrepreneurs.

Nevertheless, it is clear that an entrepreneurial effect has taken hold of young people today. This mindset is not a characteristic of only a few; this mindset is living, breathing, and waiting to flourish in the change makers and knowledge seekers.

Young innovators today want to create meaning, prove we are capable, and change the world. To do so, it takes that kick-ass, fall on our face self-confidence that results in us trying the purportedly impossible, failing like we didn’t know that it was exam day, finally learning that Google doesn’t know it all, and succeeding the next time we run on water.

This yearning within us to create value and meaning for our communities at all levels, challenging systems and status quos as we do, isn’t exclusive to an elite few, only those who are willing to take that jump.

For some, reading these blog posts will be the first step in accepting your entrepreneurial mindset – we all know that awareness is the first step toward change. For others, let this reinforce why you are doing the alleged impossible.

For the remaining few that think we are crazy, naïve, and incapable: Get out of the way!

the Millennia lDream CC Aaron Knox Chalkboard Editededited from Creative Commons Flickr image by Aaron Know

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