Why Boston is a Millennial Dream City

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My film crew and I were able to join a busload of university and college students from New Brunswick on an exploration trip to Boston in October. The students are part of the Pond Deshpande Centre’s ‘Student Ambassador Program’. The program attracts student leaders, change makers and influencers to be ambassadors of everything that I see the Millennial Dream world-view embodies:

  • Social impact
  • Purpose driven living
  • Innovation
  • Art
  • Culture
  • Community
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Triple bottom line business.

We had the chance to interview all of the student ambassadors and get their insights on the American Dream, what worked in that world-view, and what didn’t. We were able to spend days together discussing what the new dream and world-view could look like. We called the new dream ‘The Millennial Dream’.

Boston was the destination for the group because it is one of three Deshpande Foundation ‘sandbox’ ecosystems in the world. These Sandboxes have an intentional focus on using entrepreneurship and innovation to empower communities to solve their own social challenges. The other two sandboxes are Hubli, India and New Brunswick, Canada.

We learned that communities, who operate as a tight ecosystem of educators, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, non-profits, and mentorship all working towards making positive social impact, are the places that are pulling themselves up in this down-turned economy. They are the ones that are retaining, attracting and bringing back their young talent. They are the ones that are in line with the Millennial Dream world-view.

We were able to visit incubators, meet start up entrepreneurs, visit Harvard and MIT, check out a shared maker-space, and meet the influencers and change makers who are continuously strengthening the sandbox.

As you watch the video, please ask yourself, “Is my community a Millennial Dream place to live, work, play and grow in? If it is, how can you help support the sandbox to make even more significant positive social impact?

If the answer is no, I dare you to start an ecosystem that will ultimately change your community from being a stagnant and misled place to live into an importer of people because they have the supports in place to make the change they want to see in the world.